06 November 2012


    Dark outside.  disenchanted
raise high the roofbeam carpenters and other stories
franny and zooie so zowie bowie and joey joe e. brown derby day miscreants
self absorbed
pithy comments on denim
   transliterate this
my mind is stuck in it's shell 
made in calcium ca cl am chowder clam chowder cerebellum bowl 
doing a slow dance
 let's get mystic discuss various spiritual things like indigo children and the ten commandments and rosemary's baby and the pope and jayne mansfield
 let's be defining and cool and stay up late and listen to cha cha albums and think we are alive more alive than others and laugh about in things and laugh at out things and out people and other people and how stupid they are and how we know and have answers but are still searching too because we are open minded and are new to exploring the mind and new things and and and and christ it's hard sometimes. it's really hard in this life sometimes. sometimes i just want to throw this computer out the window and listen to the birds wake up but even that is difficult because of the cars and if it is not the cars it is the clam chowder


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